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   Terms of Use


These terms and conditions are intended to govern relations between:
- The company VERMICULTURE FARM MOUTTA, whose headquarters is located Chemin du Moutta, 64330 Boueilh Boueilho Lasque. Registered under number 379 225 493 0003 8, hereinafter designated the Seller
- the internet user which has acceded to our terms by becoming a client of Vermiculture Farm Moutta.
These sales conditions are those in effect at January 1, 2010, they are subject to change.


The products sold are described in our catalog and we strive to present all the features with photos and a description.
Our items are offered for sale during the period advertised on the site and within the limits of available stocks. Some offers are available for a short period and determined that the subject of a specific ad, then stocks are necessarily limited; If stocks are over before the end of the sale we strive to eliminate the product catalog and in any event only a confirmation of purchase by us guarantees you the availability and delivery under the following conditions.


Orders are received via the Internet exclusively.
Any order paid in accordance with Article 5 will receive a message to the email address used to place the order at the latest at the time of delivery of a confirmation of this order summarizing the command itself and the main provisions of these terms and conditions.


Prices are in euros and VAT, if VAT rates change, the price will automatically be changed without any notice than the date concerning the new rate.
For orders exempt from VAT, the provisions of the Tax Code will apply.
Orders are payable immediately, it is therefore no discount to expect.


Payment for goods is by credit card via Paypal, check or bank transfer.
The price is that indicated on the site at the time of purchase plus the cost of transport which will of course be summarized with the confirmation of purchase.

The Customer gives his address, confirms the basket and the total price. He finally conforms his order by clicking on the button "Confirm".
The sale is then concluded under the suspensive condition of availability and therefore under the condition of receiving a confirmation from us that the sale is confirmed.


Despite all precautions, there may be ordered and purchased products which are no longer available.
You must know that we record your purchase, not at the moment when you add products in the basket, at which time the product may appear as yet available, but upon payment of your purchases. If the product is unavailable, you would be informed immediately by sending a document to replace the purchase confirmation. So if the payment has already been done, we pledge to repay as soon as possible by bank transfer, and later in the month of registration of credit purchases on our bank account. Beyond that time, you'd be right to seek payment of interest at the legal rate.
In case of unavailability of product after placing the order and by the end of shipment of the relevant sale, you will be notified by email or telephone about the partial delivery of an order or cancellation of your order.


Delivery is via TNT Express 24 hours, or carrier according to the weight of the product.
You must fill out carefully when ordering your address, specify hours of delivery and preferably provide a telephone number or mobile phone.
Neither the company Vermiculture Farm Moutta nor the carrier can not be held responsible for the impossibility of issuance due to a lack of precision in the delivery address.
Delivery is guaranteed to you by the deadline indicated in the confirmation of the sale. In case of force majeure risk, preventing partially or fully the delivery, the deadline will be extended for the duration of proven force majeure.
It is recalled that are regarded as cases of force majeure risk acts of strikes, blockades of roads, rail or air whatever the cause and of course the facts due to weather.
In case your order do not reach you but a shipment was sent out by us in support of a number colissimo you have 45 days to make a claim on the package near the customer service Vermiculture Farm Moutta. At the conclusion of the investigation, Vermiculture Farm Moutta will refund your order as soon as possible.
Feel free to contact our customer service using the contact button. The products are packaged so that there can be no dispute concerning their return in accordance with Article IX.


The site of Vermiculture Farm Moutta offers one of the most efficient security systems available.
We do not only adopted the SSL encryption procedure (Secure Socket Layer), but also reinforced the whole process of scrambling and encryption to protect as effectively as possible all significant data related to payment.
Vermiculture Farm Moutta never has access to confidential information relating to the payment.
Therefore, the bank's customer will be required for each new order.
Indeed, only PAYPAL has confidential information (card number, expiration date) that is inaccessible by others.


If the product received does not match what you bought, the Vermiculture Farm Moutta facilitates formalities to send the product back and pays the correspondant fee. For this, please go on the "contact" category in order to fill out a return form, where you can describe the product’s noncompliance and we will then send you at the same time a card "Colissimo" that you fill out and will allow you a free return of the parcel. If you use this procedure to return a product within a retraction, proceedings for which fees to send the product back must be paid, we would be entitled to seek reimbursement in addition to the cost of returning a penalty fee of 50 ¤. If the item originally ordered was no longer available, you may request to replace an equivalent item or a refund.
If the product is defective, you get the manufacturer's warranty in the conditions which are indicated by the latter in the leaflet accompanying the article delivered. In this case, and if you think that your article is suffering from a defect rendering it unfit for use or still under warranty, you must put get in touch with the manufacturer's customer service or contact us by respecting the same formalism Claim Article 1641 of the Civil Code.
You must remember that the manufacturer is liable in principle to everything that concerns the safety of products (Article 1386-1) of the Code Civil.
In any event, the responsibility of the Vermiculture Farm Moutta may not exceed the value of the item purchased and no additional compensation could be claimed beyond those expressly provided by the Consumer Code.


Any copying, use of one of the sold or protected brands, any parasitism based on our method of selling is strictly prohibited and will be immediately prosecuted and punished.


The cost of delivery is indicated in the category basket and is subject to approval by the participant before each order is confirmed.


You can return the item in colissimo at the following address:
VERMICULTURE FARM MOUTTA, Chemin du Moutta, 64330 Boueilh Boueilho Lasque.
Attention: We do not accept receiving worms back.
The refund will be made by check upon receipt of your item back..