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   Who are we?

Founded in 2007 in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques by Paul Reveyron, who After working for years in decontamination and reprocessing of toxic waste on all the French Antilles, as well as in the purification of surface water and groundwater in the Dominican Republic decided to create  « THE VERMICULTURE FARM MOUTTA » to participate in the fight against global warming by turning tons of organic waste into natural fertilizer by our friends the earthworms.

Today we have a very unique experience in the breeding of earthworms. We produce over 200 tons of vermicompost per year and millions of worms that we distribute throughout France and Europe. Our worms are im ,ost of the vermicomposters commercialised. We are also the first producer to France.

We also work in new markets in other countries, Ivory Cost, Morocco, Tunisia or we install vermiculture farms on behalf of food groups. We invite you to visit the page "International".