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Composter worms
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   Vermiculture Farm Moutta exports!

As part of our international expansion, we are asked to advise different countries or organizations wishing to expand in the recycling of waste.

Our last overseas mission in Ivory Coast with my partner and friend Thomas Fiaschi from the company BIO TOP.

Establishment of an experimental unit on behalf of a producer of palm oil.
We are working to develop a technique for revaluation of waste palm seeds after oil extraction (50000 tonnes of waste per year).

The goal is to gradually replace chemical fertilizer vermicompost by vermicompost from waste plant. After about thirty years of application of chemical fertilizer soils are practically leached and the needs of trees for chemicals have been multiplied by 10. The work of earthworms will rebuild the layer of organic matter and ensure soil regeneration while providing an economy as well as independence to this company.

If you also want information or advice on our environmentally friendly recycling process, please contact us. 


Construction of experimental tanks
for vermicomposting

Vermicomposting bin  View of mature palms