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   Vermicomposter: please recycle your waste and produce your own fertilizer !

You have not yet adopted a Vermicomposter in your kitchen or garage? The farm Moutta is there for you, imagine that: you recycle your waste and you make a powerful ecological fertilizer for your garden and your plants. And with all that you participate in the preservation of the environment!

   And does a vermicomposter works ?

No noise, no smell, it's a great composter!

Vermicomposting is used in particular to convert kitchen waste into vermicompost quality and produce a liquid fertilizer organique. It allows composting indoors. It is perfectly adapted to the needs of citizens: it emits no odor, ensure rapid decomposition.

Vermicomposting involves placing worms in a container , the "vermicomposter" , so that they eat the waste that we bring to them.

Their droppings accumulate and form the vermicompost from the consistency of potting soil and odorless. To ensure rapid decomposition of waste, we reconstruct an environment that is conducive to development and their appetite.

The operation of the vermicompost is undoubtedly the easiest to use. Several plates are placed on each other and allow easy rotation of trays leaving the vermicompost maturing down and removing waste from above. The lower module on a cone is always the recovery of liquid fertilizer, also called "worm tea", which removes easily with a tap.
The vermicomposter is sold with 3 trays, which is the need for a family of 3, you can purchase additional trays in the Accessory category. To start your Vermicomposter must have a minimum quantity of 500 grams of worms, they recur thereafter. We also invite you to view frequently asked questions.

   Demo video of how a vermicomposter

 The use of a vermicomposter is so simple that even a child can use it as a pedagogic support. Let’s be an example for our children!